Service that returns you either your lost property or money

Where are the keys?
Here they are!
From troubles to carelessness there's only one RADAR

We immediately block mobile phones, return luggage, find pets and carefully protect your belongings

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Polish statistics for lost belongings


68% of lost things do not
return to their owner

3 173 244

More than

158 thousands

of lost documents

158 697

More than

21 thousands

of lost luggage

21 398

More than

4 thousands

of mobile phones are lost
by poles each year

4 232

Check if you lost or somebody stole the phone the document

phone IMEI:

document ID:

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Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus. Article 228. The rights and responsibilities of the person who found the lost property.When the lost thing is found by a stranger, it causes the legal consequences for the person that found the property. The person who found the property obtains both specific rights and duties.

Customers reviews


I love to travel and run. Happened to lose my gym bag. Thanks to RADAR, three days later, all my things came back to me, and most importantly - my favorite sneakers!

Patrycja Malinowska


Lost the keys to the apartment. On the way to the store for a new lock, RADAR called and said that my keys had been found. I was very happy that I would not have to spend money and time to replace the lock!

Agata Szumowska


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